Verni-Concure CIM

Resin Based Bonding/Curing Agent

Verni-Concure CIM is an aqueous dispersion of fine copolymer particles such as butadiene and styrene. Verni-Concure CIM is very stable in an alkaline environment and perfectly compatible with hydraulic cements.


  • Increases mortar plasticity, cohesion and adherence
  • Improves tensile strength, abrasion resistance and impact strength
  • Not affected by hydrolysis therefore ideal for surfaces in contact (permanent or occasional) with water including salt water
  • Decreases modulus of elasticity
  • Eliminates hair cracking and reduces shrinkage and dust accumulation
  • Improves mortar water tightness and resistance to oil, grease, fuel oil and weak acids
  • Mortars containing Verni-Concure CIM are non-toxic and may be placed in contact with food products


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