Betocrete C17 (BV)

Combination crystalline/plasticizer admixture for concrete


  • BETOCRETE C-17 (BV) is an anorganic, liquid admixture for waterproofing of concrete.
    Compared to other powder additives, BETOCRETE C-17 (BV) prevents the formation of lumps! Beyond its waterproofing properties, BETOCRETE C-17 (BV) increases the durability of the concrete.
    During the hardening process, fine, crystalline fibres are formed in the capillaries. These fibres reduce the diameter of the concrete pores and therefore block the water transport in the concrete matrix. Concrete, modified with this product is permanently waterproof.

Fields of Application:

  • BETOCRETE C-17 (BV) is particularly designed for waterproof concrete constructions such as tunnels, foundations, precast elements, parking facilities, reservoirs, (sewage) water treatment plants, swimming pools, mass concrete and underground ducts etc.


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