Betocrete C16

Concrete Admixture for Crystalline Waterproofing

Crystalline waterproofing admixture for concrete.


Betocrete C-16 is an inorganic, liquid admixture for waterproofing of concrete. Compared to other powder additives, Betocrete C-16 prevents the formation of lumps. Beyond its waterproofing properties, Betocrete C-16 increases the durability of the concrete. During the hardening process, fine, crystalline fibres are formed in the capillaries. These fibres reduce the diameter of the concrete pores and therefore block the water transport in the concrete matrix. Concrete, modified with this product is permanently waterproof.

  • Liquid, therefore easier and safer mixing – no danger of lumps
  • Increased water impermeability
  • Resists extremely high hydrostatic pressure; on positive (active) and negative side
  • Closure of cracks up to 0.4mm is formed after hardening
  • Becomes an integral part of the concrete
  • Concrete remains open for diffusion
  • w/c ratio: 0.55
  • No adverse effects with other admixtures or workability properties
  • No interference of drying or hardening An increase in compressive strength of up to 8% was found with all cements tested so far.
  • Permanently active


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